Concrete Poetry A mouse tale


A mouse tale is a poem written in Alice and wonderland by Lewis Caroll . A Modern concept of concrete poetry is that the poetry forms the shape or a picture of the words that are written. Alice begins to talk to the mouse who wants to tell her about a “long sad tale”. The tale of course is also known as a story but upon seeing the mouse she is captivated by the mouse “tail” her remark of course stress on different aspects of how the word tale/tail is viewed. The poem thus shapes a mouse tale that is long and curled. The representation is the beginning is wide the end gets narrower.

“ “The Mouse’s Tale” is a concrete poem by Lewis Carroll which appears in his novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Though no formal title for the poem is given in the novel, the chapter title refers to “A Long Tale” and the Mouse introduces it by saying, “Mine is a long and sad tale!” ” .

The mouse is therefore speaking of himself yet the shape of the poem captures my attention, gets me to acknowledge the vivid art of a mouse tale shaped by words

The theme throughout exaggerates on a journey a tale of which there are villains and trials. The poem has a sense of humour making me acknowledge and keep in mind that Alice is young naive and very curious. The obvious of her being puzzled therefore making the reader curious. I stay on track on what is being said but strangely worried that Alice isn’t at all scared. I feel like smiling because i like that there is an image , my sense of sight is overpowered by the image, yet there is sense in what is wriiten and the reader acknowledges who is speaking. There are two things i acknowledge firstly i visualise a TAIL and then I read A TAIL.  It makes me wonder if Iwas speaking about love if the shape wll be a heart . If fanatsy and words relate, and as such I wondrer if words create a fantasy world or is it images?

There is such emotions expressed in words that the mind is overwhemled. Does this mean that logic is inhibited? I would like to write a fantasy like poetry just like “a Mouse Tale” to bring written words to life through shapes,its in my opinion the shape and words create a kind of written 3D tack tick. Yes the way to make words 3D is Concrete poetry.


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